Why Do These Rabbits Have Lion Manes?!

Lionhead rabbit nicely groomed Introduction We will begin with a little Genetics lesson, nothing too dry of course as we will relate it to our furry little friends. Then we will move onto styling those wild manes! Lionhead ‘Mendelian’ Genetics Back in the day, circa early 19th century, society had no idea how (or why) the offspring of one […] Must Read

Lionhead Bunnies Are a New Rabbit Breed!

Black lionhead rabbit with single mane Oh NO, NO, NO! My mane is just SO frizzy! This won’t do! The breed is so new that it’s not considered a “fully” official breed of domestic rabbit… Yet! We say ‘yet’ because currently in England the breed, Lionhead Rabbit, is legitimate. It’s an official breed, a full-blown craze amongst bunny-breeding circles, with an […] Must Read

What is a Lionhead Rabbit?

Double mane lionhead Well, in order to not be brain-boggled by the genetic and biological nuances of the breed, let’s just say we took a cute lil mini-bunny named ‘Boinky’ and married it off to a beautiful lioness named ‘Lola.’ The bunny of course was very brave throughout the whole ordeal and one could even say was quite […] Must Read